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My Food Sensitivity Test Results & Thoughts

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

I have recently been sharing about my newly discovered food sensitivities and how I am making changes. For example: how I keep my coffee frothy sans dairy.

Here's the full list of foods my body is sensitive to (be sure to scroll to the end to see my thoughts on the entire list)!

My absolute NO's:








-green beans



-sweet potatoes

-black-eyed peas


-kidney beans

-navy beans

-all dairy (cow, sheep, & goat)

-egg whites



-baker's yeast

-brewer's yeast


-sunflower seeds

There are a few other items that registered on the higher end I am also going to avoid (i.e. papaya).

I have been staying away from nightshades for the most part since August, so the potatoes aren't a big deal. I have also been avoiding eggs--I showed up for an atropine sensitivity this summer. I am excited to use yolks though, as I am sure you know from my last coffee post.

What's most surprising are the sweet potatoes and okra! I eat sweet potatoes a few times a month and okra when it is in season. It is so good! The green beans were one of my stronger reactions which was unexpected. Luckily, I haven't had a lot of them as my hubby isn't a fan!

I can easily manage with no dairy and gluten/wheat/baker's yeast. The beans and lentils aren't a big deal either. I have avoided pineapple since I was a kid--it makes my mouth itchy! Not that I drink much alcohol, but I have a new hobby of searching for natural wines. I should do a post on this! Anyways, there is a chance wine is fermented on the vine in which case, the brewer's yeast is not an issue. It is in most alcohol though and without directly contacting each company, there's no way to be one hundred percent sure.

I am so excited to see how this goes after eliminating these foods for three weeks. I may then slowly integrate foods, one at a time. Maybe. We'll see!

As always, #GetSatiated.

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