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Falling into Autumn

Photo by tensecondsa on Unsplash maple tree

Hi! It has been quite a while since I've shared some favorites and new things I've been trying out! So, here we go:

Jasmine Julep- This floral essential oil blend gives me the perfect spring time vibes...I was totally wishing it was spring this morning instead of fall when I was freezing at the farmers market, wishing I had on two pairs of pants!

Covert Affairs- I've loved Piper Perabo ever since Coyote Ugly! It's so nice to have an interesting mystery show that's not too scary (or as my husband would say, suspenseful) and typically end on a happy high note. I mean, the only time I've jumped was when someone put his arm in the elevator to open the doors back up! Another thing, this show first aired on the USA Network, where I starred in one of their commercials back in the day (about 12 years ago)!

Somnifix- When I brought up the topic of taping my mouth shut when I sleep at dinner with my family, their reaction was about the same as yours may be reading this right now. It sounds weird. It is weird. But I tell ya what, I have the best sleep ever when I tape! And, I unfortunately sleep with my mouth open and wake up with a dry mouth and my teeth feel strange. Since I've been taping, this hasn't happened. What's really weird is that I haven't even been taping every night...and I feel like it has already started training me to sleep with my mouth closed! I definitely didn't expect that. Only draw back? My sister called one morning and I was still taped. I tried to talk through it, but it wasn't happening. Haha!

Rebounding- I have been using my mini trampoline to support my lymph system and am so happy it is a part of my daily routine.

Listening to podcasts- I always enjoy listening to podcasts. My regulars are PaleOMG, The No Diet Podcast, and Ben Greenfield Fitness. Otherwise, I cherry pick a whole bunch of others depending on my mood and what I'm researching: MindPump, Christina Rice Wellness Realness, Joe Rogan, Happy Hour, Paleo Magazine Radio, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Ask Me Another, Extreme Health Radio, and really a hundred more. I have so many downloaded, there's no room for me to add another app on my cell. I also listen to my podcasts at double speed (I have so many things I want to hear! HaHa!). But anyways, something I have enjoyed podcast related lately was following the MindPump podcast event in Lake Tahoe--I've been listening to all the interviews from everyone there, criss crossing and hearing all the different perspectives of what happened there. I think it was such a great idea and a fun social experiment! I'm so weird.

Kalsarikanni - This literally means "pants drunk" in Finnish, but really, it is the art of slowing down, being comfortable and happy staying in, spending time with family and friends. Finally I have a name for what I do when I come home after a long days work and put on pajamas!

Beet Powder- The taste is earthy and delicious. The color, it is fantastic. I love adding the beet flavor and beautiful color to my meals, especially since it is instantaneous--no waiting for beets to cook when I forget to plan ahead!!! Knowing that it's made with love and organic makes it that much better.

Chaga Coffee- See my recent post to read all about it. I have a feeling I will be doing this all winter long! Sooo good!

Wine Searching- My hubby and I spent about three and a half hours last weekend looking for dry farmed/natural wines with low alcohol content at out local liquor store, Binny's. We are still in the tasting phase.

Share your fall time faves with me below and as always, #GetSatiated.

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