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Christmas in July, 2018

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

I love sharing Christmas in July gift ideas...this is about when I start formulating my gift list and start online shopping! Here we go...

For The Ladies:

EMF blocking ipad case

Sheep phones- makes it so easy to go to sleep listening to music comfortably

Smart home surveillance starter kit- not sure how I feel about this from a health standpoint, but it sure is comforting to be able to check on your home while you're out!

life planner- I love that this incorporates the law of attraction!

raised beds

For The Guys:

Biltong- Delicious, all real ingredients (all varieties pass my test, but original and peri peri are my faves!) My dad LOVES this stuff!

EMF blocking headphones

Squatty Potty

Keyless Entry- Let's be real, this is for everyone! After having this, I don't think I could go back. It is so convenient!

lamb tallow- Grass-fed & pasture raised.

Craft beer of the month club

Beard combs + more- from my friend's website! USE CODE: XMASBLOND15 until the end of the month only!

For The Creatives:

Leather bags- and more!

weebly -website design (this can also fall under the entrepreneur category)

Turn a picture into a sketch- I didn't even know this was possible!

Creativelive- quality education for the arts

Paint your life- turn a photograph into a painting...these are so amazing!

For The Hard To Shop For:

Water testing- sounds weird, but could give them some great info! I'd love this haha!

Master Class- learn from the best of the best, on everything from photography to cooking to chess!

Weighted Blankets- I love these plaid designs!

CityPass- also for the traveler, 13 different city options

Identity theft protection

Vacation Rentals- plan a family get away!

For Coffee Lovers:

Purity Coffee-tested for mycotoxins and super delish! You can read more here. USE CODE: SATIATEDBLONDE to save

French Press- fastest coffee method in glass I've tried so far, not so great for traveling

Aeropress- fastest coffee method I've tried to far, so great for traveling

For Lovers:

Radiant Love Butter- Non-sticky, smells & tastes great!

Wabi Sabi Love- fall in love with imperfections

5 Love Languages- If you haven't taken this quiz, you need to!

For Food Lovers:

Butcher Box subscription- Grass-fed meat, chicken, & more delivered straight to your door

Membership to the RitzFit Marketplace- great deals, real food, quick shipping! There is a complementary podcast, The No Diet Podcast that explains more about all the products.

Organic, Biodynamic food powders- I love these and use them everyday! I use them in place of seasonings. USE CODE: SATIATEDBLONDE

For The Wanderlust-er:

iventure card- sightseeing pass, by destination where you can skip the lines!

Viator- sight seeing at so many destinations

Mountain Laurel Chalets- A quaint booking website

For the Adventurous Girlfriend:


Bajos + Herbs- you can also pick up a comfy seat!

Organic clothes

Pretty much anything from here

If you have to, these are the best I've found

I want to try this so bad!

For the Bookworm:

The Tipping Point


Renegade Beauty

Babies + Kiddos + Mamas:

Organic clothes

Belly protection- love this!

Maternity + more clothes

Cloth diapers

Personalized books

From pre-baby to post-partum-gifts and more!

All-in-one project kits- they even have beeswax candles!

urban sitter- find a babysitter with a few clicks!

For Optimal Wellness:

Leg pillow- I have been using one of these since middle school! I travel with it and everything!

Organic pillows

Wholetones- music tuned to specific frequencies

Green Furniture

Self-care- how to make time

For The Animal Lover:

DNA testing for pets- what?! how cool!

For The Entrepreneur:

incfile- legal support for business

online course platform- make your own online course!!! I think I will do this someday!

live chat- help their business grow

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