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My Sunshine Guidelines

Keep in mind, nothing on my website is medical advice. I just share what I do based on my intuition. Take it or leave it, I am just sharing my sunshine guidelines:

1. I don't wear sunglasses.

2. I take Calcium Lactate, Cataplex F, and Cataplex A-C pre, during, and post sun exposure.

3. Before going in brominated/chlorinated pools, I take iodine. Iodine is grouped as a halogen on the periodic table. It is also further down the halogen list, and by following periodic table trends, the further an element is down the list, the larger it is. Chlorine and bromine are also halogens (along with fluorine--which is a slightly different discussion) that are found near the top of the list. Therefore, chlorine and bromine are smaller and have a higher affinitty/can bind tightly into iodine binding sites in the body. We have iodine binding sites on every cell--not just our thyroid! So interesting, right?! I take this in the form of organic, mineral-rich, and hand-harvested sea-vegetables or nori from Dr. Cowan's Garden.

4. I slather in Everybody Loves the Sunshine from Living Libations pre and post sun exposure. It smells amazing and I feel like I am more likely to tan vs. burn when I use it!

5. I have been wearing a tan-through swimsuit (as I am not always in an area I can sunbathe sans suit). It is super light weight, dries fast, and doesn't wrinkle, which are all a plus. As far as the full tan-through capacity, it is not what I expected, but I think there is definitely more sun coming through than in my other bathing suits. I will continue to test it this summer and report back after a full season of use!

6. I am sure to stay hydrated, with my berkey-filled water bottle by my side at all times, with a dash of celtic sea salt!

7. I try not to shower for at least two hours after being out in the sun.

And that's it! Do you have any sunshine guidelines that you like to follow? Let me know in the comments below! #GetSatiated

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