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Give your heart a hug: Lavish Abundance

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Picture by: Glenn McManus

As you may know, I am always searching to find my new favorite products! Living Libations has been one of my favorite companies for years now and Nadine is always curating new creations that astonish me! That's where these "mesmerizing moisturizers" come in...

I am very particular about (lots of things) what I put on my skin. For the longest time I was using coconut oil. Which I still do if I run out or when I'm traveling. However, my clothes and sheets were becoming stained from the good coconut fats. I was still okay with it just because I was not going to make any sacrifices about what was on my body, THEN, these amazing bottles showed up at my doorstep and took my moisturizing game to a whole new level! I have been using the Best Skin Ever for quite awhile, in fact, I did my very first post on them! I use Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever daily as a face wash and moisturizer. I have tried the rose and frankincense infusions as well and they are delightful. Anyways, as you can tell from these almost empty bottles, I could not even wait for my photographer to get some snapshots before I tried them all out--intensely!

These are three Best Skin Ever varieties I soaked my skin in:

Picture by: Glenn McManus

I have to say they were all amazing!!! That's the thing with all of the Living Libations products I have tried...I love them all. After using these, my skin feels so happy and hydrated. And, best of all, my sheets and clothes did not get any backlash! There was absolutely no staining whatsoever. Isn't that wonderful news?! As you can see, if I had to pick just one (although that is hard to do), Lavish Abundance is it. The aroma is flowery (but not overwhelming) and there is a shift in my being, my emotions, my inner core when I smell this. I feel like it gives my heart a hug. We all need that! I couldn't help myself and had to buy the big bottle!

Let me know if you try it out and if you find your heart being hugged too! #getsatiated

Oh, and be sure to check out Nadine's new book!

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