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Oh Boy, Oh Berkey!

My Berkey arrived about a month ago and I have to say I don't know how I went so long without one! Let's start with why I wanted one, I'm sure like many others, I have had the more common types of filters that are readily available. I knew they weren't the best, but better than nothing in my mind. The most recent one I had, for several years had a glass basin (which was really a big draw). However, I noticed the part of the filter that wasn't replaceable started to have mold. For the last two years or so I have also been using my water structurer, which helps remove memory from the water (you can read my post about how much I love it). Anyways, I had been researching the Berkey for was one of those things on my perpetual wish list. I decided that I was not going to compromise my health for a mold infested water filter, So, I figured I'd share my thoughts:

Priming the filters: I purchased the black Berkey filters as well as the fluoride/arsenic filters. I followed the directions specifically listed in the booklet. However, I have to say it could be more succinct. The process took quite awhile, but was rather simple once I figured out what the booklet was actually trying to say!

MY experience: The first 2-3 days were really slow for the water coming through--but after that it has been smooth sailing. I did overflow it one day. I still followed the directions, but it was flowing fast and by the time I would pour in the water (via my water structurer) and fill up the jar in the sink, it ended up over-capacity. But I learned, and now I just make sure to pour some of the filtered water into my glass as soon as I fill the Berkey all the way up, and no issues since.

No turning back: When I have any other kind of water, I am hypersensitive to the taste. I just had a trip to Minnesota and filled up in the airport water bottle-filler station (you know the ones right next to the water fountain). It was so chlorine-y tasting, I couldn't do it. I posted about this when it happened, if you caught my Instagram stories. Before, I never really noticed anything when drinking out of these refill stations. Yikes!

Freedom of choice: I feel so liberated knowing that I have a choice if I decide I want halogens in my water or not. Or, that because I personally do not take pharmaceuticals, they are no longer being force-fed down my throat; unknowingly filling me up with birth control hormones, depression medications, and who know what else (traces of these are common in tap water). I truly wish I had purchased my Berkey sooner, but I'm so happy I have it moving forward. An investment in our health is how I explained it to my husband (he gets that line all too often, I know...but it's also and ALL SO true!).

Check out the affiliate banners above or below to find out more on their website! You can also check out one of my favorite resource websites to see what is in water based on zip code through the Environmental Working Group. #GetSatiated

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