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Early August Faves

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I can't help shouting from the rooftops when I find new favorites--I just have to share! So, even though its only a tiny bit into August, here it goes:

Travel Snack: PHAT FUDGE

This has saved me so many times...whether I just threw it in my bag to be prepared in case I wanted a snack (and let me tell you, every time it was there I wanted a snack! haha!). But really, I have had a few late nights at work and if I did not have PHAT FUDGE, I would not have been able to be as efficient and would have felt horrible. Instead, my energy and blood sugar levels were maintained...and did I mention how delicious it is?!

Drink: Wise Ape Tea

Okay, so I really enjoy tea. Flowery, herby, sweet, bitter...all kinds! Wise Ape tea (which is the first RitzFit membership deal) is so unique it that it combines traditionally bitter herbs with a balanced sweetness. I wish I could capture that aroma when I first popped open the tin--AMAZING! I have more to share about this, but it needs a full post. I cannot wait to try their secret recipes!!!

Beauty: Veggie/Ghee Mask

I created this savory mask, you can find how I did it here. My husband said my face smelled like the bottom of a popcorn bag afterwards! How funny! I mean, who can resist that smell!!! Which leads me into my next favorite...

Bedroom Bliss: Radiant Love Butter

This is an edible love butter from the amazing Nadine Artemis of Living Libations! It is so tasty, sometimes I sneak a snack. It is wonderful, you just have to give it a try for yourself...that's all I can say! Oh, and it isn't sticky.

Food: Black Sesame Seeds

I have used Foods Alive black sesame seeds for awhile, but they are really calling to me right now. I find myself using them in everything from compound butter to topping my salads. Plus, they're an awesome pop of color/noncolor?! HaHa! Be sure to check them out and they have a ton of other awesome products I'll be sharing soon.

Seasoning: Leek Powder

So, I love that this is a whole food I can use as a seasoning. Most recently I seasoned my organic, garden-fresh green beans with Dr. Cowan's Garden Leek Powder. It is incredibly tasty--I just had to share this easy way I am using it when I don't have a chance to make the compound butter!

Song: Slow Hands

By Niall Horan, an Irish singer/songwriter. I just heard it yesterday and have been playing it on repeat. It drives my husband crazy, but I cannot help myself. Can anyone else listen to songs on repeat umpteen times?

Happy August! #GetSatiated

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