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50 Shades of Earl Grey

I fell in love with Earl Grey about a year ago. But not just any Earl Grey... Numi's Aged Earl Grey is made with organic bergamot. It is divine. If you like loose leaf (which I prefer time to time), Rishi also has one that passes my test, made with essential bergamot oil. Okay, okay, I have a soft spot for a lot of their other teas too...I'll have to share about my other faves sometime!

Bergamot who? Bergamot is citrus, shaped like an orange with lime like wrinkly skin. However, some varieties can be orange and not as wrinkly. Some say it is more bitter than a grapefruit. Maybe that's why I love it so much! My first experience with bergamot was smell-testing a colleagues essential oil collection, and I was mesmerized by how beautiful it was!

Anyways, I thought I'd share how I make my cold brew aged earl grey (I repurpose my large G.T.'s Kombucha glass bottles).

The Satiated Blonde's Cold Brew: Earl Who?

-First, I fill up my glass bottle with structured water (taking into consideration liquid displacement for the non-gmo, compostable tea bags)

-Then, I add 4 Numi Aged Earl Grey tea bags

-I let it sit in the fridge for about 24 hours

-Then, I carefully pull out the tea bags one by one and they get squeezed naturally from the small opening in the glass bottle.

-I add a splash or organic, grass-fed cream, prop my feet up, & enjoy!

Sidenote: I also prefer a little raw, organic honey in my tea. So, I heat up about a cup of water with some honey, just warm enough to let it mix (I mostly use white, more solid honeys). Then I let it cool and put it in the glass bottle first, so it blends evenly when the tea is added.

Earl grey vs. Lady grey

A little fun fact: when my husband and I were in a tea shop in London, we overheard a tea merchant explaining that Lady grey is for the afternoon, as it contains less caffeine!

Leave a comment and let me know how much you love Earl Grey! In the mean time, follow along and #GetSatiated!

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