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Blonde ROOTZ Concoctions

I recently had the opportunity to try some awesome superfood mixes from Rootz Nutrition. The company has a superfood powder that I really like, especially for traveling. At home I have so many containers of different ingredients that I might use to jazz up my meals (like: wild turmeric powder, superfood mushroom powder, ashwagandha, MCT oil). Rootz also has a protein powder that is tasty, good for traveling, and worked well in my hummus! Check all my creations out below:

*USE CODE: blonderootz at Rootz Nutrition <-----to save

Lasso your Rootz [a twist on the modern lassi]

3/4 c. plain coconut or almond milk yogurt (I eat some sheep and goat products...and I prefer it with the tang!)

1/2 mango

knob of ginger (I like mine super ginger-y)

I mixed it all up and enjoyed like dessert! The color is divine. I also topped it with some dried rose petals. Yum!

Superfood Spritzer

Swirl & go!

Beetcha Rootz Smoothie

1 medium dry roasted beet

Blend & sip!

Paleo-esque hummus (protein packed banana nut hummus)

1/4 c seed butter (you can use just one kind, like this almond butter OR make your own purple peanut butter...but I like the seed mix!)

1/8 c coconut oil (melted)

pinch salt

1 can garbanzo beans, rinsed

juice of 1 lemon (add more, as needed)

I refrigerated for 2-3 hours and enjoyed with my spoon, but like it atop sweet potato "toast"

*if you want it a little sweeter, substitute the seed butter with one of these (or sample them all!)

If you want to give them a try yourself, USE CODE: blonderootz at Rootz Nutrition to save. Get back to your ROOTZ and #GetSatiated!

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