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Get Fit...RitzFit!

Are you interested in superfoods? Always looking for great, new, truly healthy products with real ingredients? What if I told you someone has done the legwork for you?! Join for a RITZFIT MEMBERSHIP now, while the EARLY BIRD special is still going on. With a RitzFit Membership, you get the opportunity to member-only exclusive deals on wonderful products.

They have announced their first deal (that you will have access to once purchasing a membership) is with the Wise Ape Tea Co. They are all organic and supercharge their tea with adaptogens.

PLUS, you are supporting a new, small, emerging business. RitzFit it doing a great job spreading healthy lifestyle information. Besides their website and membership program, they have a podcast on iTunes, The No Diet Podcast. All of the episodes are informational and entertaining. Be sure to check out #6 and #21 (for yours truly and an interview with an elite CrossFit athlete/Executive Chef). Be sure to leave a 5-star review for them on iTunes.

Find out more information on the RitzFit website, but be sure to sign up early to save--early bird prices go thru August 6th! If you have any questions, send an email or contact RitzFit on Facebook and they will get right to you! #GetSatiated

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