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I like to research new products...a lot. I learn about something, try it out, and share it here if I love it! My newest obsession: EnergyBits! I never leave the house without a snack. It used to be an apple and nuts. Then I transitioned to what I call “meat snacks.” I have posted about the Epic brand. My only complaint is that there were never any greens. Well, now I have an answer for that and I am so excited!

I first heard about EnergyBits on one of the many podcasts I listen to. They are chock full of nutrients, including a decent amount of protein for little green things (organic algae). Now, I have had several kinds of algae… in fact, the entire door of my fridge is full of spirulina, chlorella, and some other pretty blue ones like here and here. I typically opt for the powder over the capsules. I feel like it is more effective. It’s probably just me, but that’s what you get. I like to add the powder to my protein shakes, guacamole, and self-invented tonics. They are INTENSE! I love it, and I love sharing it, but it takes some time getting your taste buds used to that kind of thing. The energy bits appealed to me because they were a tablet, with nothing else added, you could swallow or chew and they are easy to travel with.

My first bite: It was green, but a good green taste! A little dry, but definitely less overwhelmingly oceanic than other algaes I have tried. I love ‘em! They come with a little travel tin which makes it so nice I can carry my EnergyBits & Restore in my bag or if it is not proper etiquette, I use a smaller travel safe bag. My sister (who rarely tries anything) didn’t even mind the taste, although she said she would prefer not chewing them in the future. If you chew one (the company doesn’t recommend it) be sure to have an ionic toothbrush nearby!

Other Pro’s: (can be found listed on their website)

-Bioavailable, nutrient dense source of protein, iron, chlorophyll, & antioxidants

-Eco-friendly and sustainable source of b-vitamins, omega 3’s, nitric-oxide

-Steady energy that doesn’t stress the gut

-Paleo & vegan (weird world collision)

I personally find they help stabilize my blood sugar and don’t leave the house without them! They can also be helpful post-workout and I use them during my whirlwind days at work. What could you use them for?

They have a few different choices: some are just spirulina, just chlorella, and they have a 50/50 mix. On their website they have a great breakdown of their products and suggestions of what might be a better fit for you. BEST OF ALL...I have a promo code I can share with you! Use code----> GetSatiated to save!

Let me know what you think of them and join me in the green tongue revolution! #getsatiated

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