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I never leave the house without...

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

I always like to be prepared when I leave the house...whether I'm on a grocery shopping spree for the day or just driving to work. I never know when I might need an essential.

I put it all in my pacsafe bag. I love it and it is travelsafe. Only drawback? It digs into my shoulder after wearing it for a bit.

Filled with:

RESTORE4Life <---check out my story with Restore

Urban Moonshine Digestive Bitters (original is my fave, I love that bitter taste haha!). I seriously don't go anywhere without these. If my stomach feels even slightly off, I take them. I always take them when I eat out because I am super paranoid about food poisoning. I also take them if I am going to eat something I don't normally eat...or if I happen to over-indulge.

B6 phosphate (because I am already in need of this, when I get MSG’d **which I try to avoid at ALL times** my symptoms are more intensified) Check out this excerpt in Nutritional Toxicology V3 (and buy it here).

Other supplements/snacks/products to be prepared that I carry with me always:

(Please let me know if you want more info on these!)

Medi Herb’s Gymnema

Living Libations Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever (see my other posts on Living Libations here & here)

All of my essential oils stay in an EMF protecting bag to keep my EO's safe! This has also saved me soooo much time and hassle at airports. Before this I would have them handcheck each one and warn them that they could not be exposed to x-rays. They would roll their eyes and "check" each one individually, grilling me on what each one was for (accompanied by my doctors note, FYI). I finally just said, "for my reallly bad diarrhea" and they wouldn't ask me what any others were for. Ha! (One time they also said one had to undergo a "special test" because it tested for bomb residue. Whattt? Are you kidding me? I volunteered for this (and a pat down, because I will not go through those machines...but that's another post, I guess). Want to know more about my EO usage? Stay tuned for a future post!

Travel friendly coconut oil-I take this as a multi-purpose tool. Hungry? No problem. For my sun-exposed skin? Perfect pre and post. As a medium for my essential oils? You bet. Oil pulling on the run? SQUIRT! I love that I can use it for so many things!!!

Biltong- the Peri Peri seasoning is delish! I have a funny story about this product!

An organic apple

Pili nuts –use code (ALL CAPS): GETSATIATED to save on your purchase! This texture is unlike anything I have ever tasted's like it melts in your mouth!

Some organic tea bags: Numi's Three Roots or Pukka's detox tea

Icelandic Flake Salt (Code: SATIATEDBLONDE to save!)

Energybits- a bit of green. I like to chew them...I have a full post on these superfoods coming up!!! Use code ---> GetSatiated to save!

I know I could go on & on (I love travel snacks), but this is the bulk of it!

Anyone have any other suggestions?! Please let me know! #GetSatiated

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