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Before Restore, I Couldn't...Now I #RestoreBefore

(**Note: this is just my personal testimonial, not medical advice)

Food sensitivities. Leaky gut. Whatever you want to call it, it stinks. I avoid wheat and dairy (except grassfed butter and goat/sheep products) 98% of the time. When I do have it, I try to make sure it is the best quality possible. But let’s be real...who doesn’t want some pizza from time to time?!

Utilizing my knowledge of nutrition, I would recommend getting organic, sprouted grain dough. Surprisingly, there’s a place in my hometown that is making efforts to do things the right way: sustainable, organic, local. SOL Pie PIzza is opening up their customer base by doing so. I was ecstatic to see Organic Sprouted Ancient Grain Spelt Dough listed as an option on their menu! This was several years ago, now. When I found out about it, I told my husband we are having pizza! He gets excited too, ya know, we love food. I fell asleep quickly that night, a.k.a I felt like I got hit by a MACK truck (or a MAN truck, as I recently came across in Scotland, haha). The next morning my brain felt like it was swollen and my hands actually were. It was painful and difficult to squeeze my hands, I felt like I was moving through sludge to even make a fist. WHAT HAPPENED?! The dough was ORGANIC, NON-GMO, ANCIENT GRAIN... it was SPROUTED for goodness sake. My body still couldn’t handle it.

After reading the book Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis I realized I have a leaky gut, and get more of the neurological disturbances from wheat intoxication. What’s a girl to do? I started taking pro-biotics, eating fermented foods (which I love), drinking bone broth (which I also love), all so I could heal my gut.

I am okay without eating wheat. I (subconsciously?) never really ate much of it anyway, but I thought for sure I should be able to have organic, non-gmo, sprouted, ancient grains from time to time if I wanted. Sporadically, I would test my gut healing. Each time I would have wheat I made sure it was of the best quality I could get my hands on...and they KEPT SWELLING (and I kept falling asleep, feeling drugged, waking up groggy). I didn’t know what to do. I considered the GAPS diet (which I think is great but not for me), ate more fermented foods (which made me start to smell actually, but more on that for a later post I’m sure), drank more bone broth, took more supplements. Tried it again and FAILED.

Luckily, my chiropractor introduced me to RESTORE , which is an "earth-derived supplement that promotes an optimal gut environment." What happened next? I had crazy dreams! Or, I guess just dreams. Vivid ones. I never really remember dreaming much before Restore. Then, it took about three months at full dosage before it happened. NO swollen hands and my hubby and I could stay up and watch a movie after we ate! YAY! Now truly, I do not test this often as I still eat very little grain...but HOW EXCITING!

For something like this to change, I cannot even imagine what else is changing or healing in my body. That’s why I #restorebefore, now and always. You can read even more about it here. And cheers to #guthealth!

I love having Restore as one of my go-to supplements for gut health!

Other notes on why to consider Restore? Antibiotics. Depleted soil. Ever wonder why you may get sick if you go to Mexico and drink the water but the locals can drink it with no problem? Do they have a better microbiome? Also, I feel that with as much glyphosate that is being used today, there has to be at least a possibility of cross-contamination! It simply makes sense to me. Check out this article for more information:

As always, thanks for reading, and be sure to stay satiated. #Getsatiated with me!

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