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I’ve been struggling for some time now to find the best water quality (for me)…up until recently when I tried Structured Water. It is just how water was meant to be!

There is some really great information and resources on the website: www.thewellnessenterprise.com. My favorite feature from what I understand of structured water is that it is able to remove the energetic footprint. So, when using normal filters, the toxins can be removed but their energy is still able to be imprinted on the water.

My experience? The first 2-3 days I urinated….a lot. Frequently and in quantity. At first I thought, “It's not working,” (because it is supposed to help the water get into the intracellular fluid) “this is just going through me.” In reality, I now think it caused a gigantic, soft detoxification. Since I started, I have been drinking more water regularly…about 40 ounces more a day without even being conscious of it, really. I feel like I can't get enough! This has been going on for over a month. I don’t think all my cells have become fully hydrated yet…but I am looking forward to the day when my intracellular fluids are balanced and happy!

What do I use? I like the travel unit because I am away from my home base most days, so I can still know I’m getting the most hydrating, energizing water possible. I also have the shower unit, which makes me happy in knowing that I am being immersed in an energizing trickle of true water. Now I’m saving up for the new house unit enhanced with crystals, how wonderful is that?! Have you tried Structured Water yet, or have you been struggling to find a good water filter? Let me know your experiences in the comments below!

Click here for more information and their best deals of the day.

Drink on! #GetSatiated #WetWater

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