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White, Red, & Rosé

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

I have been searching for my favorite go to red, white, and rosé...and I have found them! Clean-Crafted all the way, which means no chemical additives, no synthetic pesticides, no added sugar, and lab tested (twice)! .


I tend towards earthier wines, and just earthy tasting things in general (beets, goldenseal, seamoss --code: NICOLE15 saves%) --I love the taste of the elements!). This 2019 Fiddleneck Chardonnay is actually on the fruity side, which surprised me how much I loved it! With notes of pineapple, lemon zest, and baked yellow apple, the grapes that make this wine are hand-picked from over 20 year old vines! My sister liked it too, and she is more of a rosé girl. My dad is a chef and he commented on how creamy it was. Needless to say, I need to order more, ASAP. Oh, and there is a Mother's Day special; the chardonnay and syrah for 49$ (+tax) & free shipping!


I had solely become a white wine drinker due to the staining on my lips and teeth after drinking red wine. Luckily, I haven't experienced this with Clean-Crafted Wine, as there is no Mega-Purple added (thankfully)! And, I have found my favorite red! The winner is 2018 Oso Pardo Red Wine. It is a Spanish wine --which after our trip to Spain in June, 2019, I have to say is what drew me to try it in the first place. The grapes for this wine grew on dry-farmed vines that were planted over 40 years ago! It is 100% Bobal, which is the second most common varietal planted in Spain (first is Tempranillo).


Who doesn't like a good glass of Rosé? Light, refreshing, fruity, and crisp, this rosé stood out to me --without the weird after taste I have had in mass-produced rosé's in the past (you know what I'm talking about!). My rosé pick is the 2018 L'original Sparking Rosé. It is not always available since Scout & Cellar sources from small wineries, but I like all of their rosé options -- I will just be sure to purchase this one every time I have the opportunity to!

Note, I have liked all of the Clean-Crafted Wines I have had a chance to try, thus far. I am so pleased to be an Independent Consultant! 21+ and interested in trying it out? Be sure to contact me! Cheers to the mirrors (as the rosé pic depicts) because well, that's all we can do right now. As always, #GetSatiated.

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