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Whipped Rose Chèvre

Who doesn't love the smell of roses? And even the thought of roses make me smile. I tell my husband that although I love them, food is the way to my heart, so I'd rather have a snack haha. But, what if both of those could be in one? Now you're talking. Or I'm talking. Haha!

Anyways, I love goat cheese and when I came across Roses over Geranium oil, I thought it would be such a great mix...and I was right!

Here's how I did it:

  • 8oz. chèvre

  • 1 drop Roses Over Geranium oil

  • a sprinkle of oregano -- I use wild, mountain-grown Greek oregano harvested annually by our favorite olive farmer at the local farmer's market

I slightly warm the goat cheese and whip it with the drop of oil and oregano, and with the floral and herbaceous notes, it instantly becomes the perfect mix to use as a dip for autumn-fresh, crisp, organic apples!

Let me know if you give it a try and as always, #GetSatiated!

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