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The Loch Ness SeaMossTer

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Seamoss, aka Chondrus Crispus aka Irish Moss is a type of algae. It can be farm - raised, so be sure to check my link below for sourcing. I saw seamoss posted about online and did some research. I previously had it in other supplements I took in the past, but never in the raw form! So, I ordered some to make my own gel. There are a couple reputable companies that sell it in the gel form already made which just makes it easier. But you know me, I like a little adventure! It is also slightly less expensive to make your own (depending on where you purchase from). So I got an order of seamoss in its sun-dried, natural form then rinsed it, soaked it, and blended it up (there are very specific directions that come in the package if you decide to make your own). My husband said it looked like a SeaMossTer hahaha! My first batch I added a little too much water, but it still worked and I am looking forward to making my next batch.

I have found information linked to mineral-dense seamoss including that it may: assist oxygenation of cells, support skeletal system strength, nourish the integumentary system (hair, skin, nails), support the immune system, reduce inflammation and mucus, support energy and the healthy aging process…just to name a few (sources here & here). Keep in mind, this is not medical advice and nothing is to be considered health claims.

Okay, so for my experience with seamoss, I decided to try it in my coffee (like I do everything else, haha-- code: SATIATEDBLONDE saves on mold tested, organic coffee beans) and use it in place of gelatin. My lips definitely weren’t as sticky (which is something that I enjoy with the gelatin)…but I noticed that I felt less bloated--I had bloating I didn’t even know was there go away! The flavor of the seamoss is mild, but just enough to make me feel like now I'm sipping my coffee by the sea! The slightest sea breeze in my cup, really refreshing, actually.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to add it into other dishes throughout my day--my smoothies, soups, quarantonics, salad dressings, many things!

She has so many great options on her website, too:

- dried purple sea moss

- gold sea moss gel

- eczema butter

- purple sea moss gel

- soursop leaves

- elderberry syrup infused seamoss gel

- eczema kit

- sarsaparilla

- guinea hen weed

- elderberry syrup

I will definitely continue with the addition of seamoss in my daily routine. Are you up for making your own SeaMossTer? Just want to try the gel in a ready to to eat form? Whatever you choose, let me know what you try and as always, #GetSatiated.

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