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Clean-Crafted Wine, Straight From The Vine

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

I have been searching for wine with high standards for years now. I actually have fun looking for it, but am so glad I have found a place that I am assured meets my standards, with every single bottle, every single time. Oh, and they deliver straight to my door! In fact, yesterday I didn’t want to miss my delivery, so I took my workout outside…to the front yard so I wouldn’t miss it. I gave the FedEx lady a good laugh!

Clean-Crafted Wine is always free from synthetic pesticides and chemical additives. No sweeteners are ever added to Clean-Crafted Wine. It is sourced from wineries all over the world, and works directly with growers and producers. Most of the grapes are handpicked, which just makes me feel better inside!

Some of the reasons I have been looking for high quality wine that meets my standards is because after just one glass of conventional wine, I will wake up the next morning with a headache, foggy brain, and swollen hands. Oh, and let’s not forget the immediate purple teeth –one of the reasons I started gravitating to white wines years ago! With Clean-Crafted wine, I don’t experience any of this.

I appreciate there are not added sugars in the wine. There is always less than 100ppm of sulfites in Clean-Crafted Wine (check out the FAQ's to find out more). I also appreciate that each vintage is unique and different, they allow for the grapes to do their own thing without controlling the process with chemicals so year to year, the wines have their own flair!

Now, let’s talk about mass-produced wine. It can contain up to 350ppm of sulfites. Sulfites naturally occur in all wine, but are often added as a preservative. Added sugar is also common in a typical bottle of wine.

Do you ever have stained lips and teeth aka “purple mouth” after drinking a glass of red wine? I know this has happened to me several times and I am so appalled. I’ve tried so many techniques to not get it on my lips but it never fails…that is until I had red wine without an additive called Mega-Purple. This is known to stain (not just lips and teeth, but also carpets and clothes). According to VinePair, Mega-Purple is used as a color and flavor corrector.

I just had this pinot noir last night and guess what? No purple mouth here!

Clean-Crafted Wine stands out to me, besides just being Clean-Crafted. It is delicious! I have actually tasted some of my favorite wines ever from Scout & Cellar (look for a post soon sharing my favorite red, white, and rose!).

Are you 21+ and interested in trying some Clean-Crafted Wine? Check out the website to see if S&C delivers to your state! I am an Independent Consultant with Scout and Cellar. As always, #GetSatiated.

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