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Just Ingredients Personal Care Products: Are They Worth the Hype? An Honest Review

lineup of products

We were just starting our monthly bookclub discussion and my friend arrived and sat down next to me. After a few minutes, I couldn't even concentrate on the book review and asked her what smelled so good!!! She said it was her "Just Ingredients" lotion. Immediately after I got home that night, I got on their website and saw they had SO many options. She smelled tropical, which was so strange because that's not a scent I'd ever normally think about trying! I thought it was going to be Tropical Paradise, but she said it was Coconut Vanilla, so I added a few in my cart right away. Of course I always want free shipping, so I had to get some other items as well to reach that checkout threshold. Their mouthwash had just launched, so I tried each flavor along with the travel breath spray, toothpowder, and a deodorant for me and my husband.

lotion and deodorants

The lotion smelled exactly as it had when my friend was sitting next to me on the couch at bookclub. It's hydrating and absorbs quickly. It now has a permanent spot on my nightstand. I got one of the deodorants for my hubby - the cedarwood spice, but if I'm being honest, I've tried them both! I like them all, don't have any irritation and I think everyone would agree I'm in my least smelly season! I would prefer for the scents to be stronger if anything, since they do smell so good! For the oral care products, I'll get into detail more here (link to tooth post coming soon!). I've tried out quite a few protein powders. Also coming soon: my review of their salted caramel protein powder (post coming soon) and all the rest here. (post coming soon)

What's your favorite Just Ingredients personal care product? Be sure to share with me in the comments! Stay up to date on my favorites and new products I find on socials.



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