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It's A-Live(r)!

This is my first post, but it's a doozy! You'll love this flavorful, nutrient-rich pâté with helpful digestive properties. To start, I found the best chicken livers I could get my hands on, according to the animal welfare chart from Whole Foods. Once I had my base, the fun began!

Here is the final result along with a gallery of images for each step. Keep reading for the full recipe below!


Ingredient list: How I Did It:

1. Chop up/cut:



-fennel fronds


2. Cook livers by browning each side in a little butter (I was sure to trim, rinse & dry first).

3. Pan-fry pancetta (bacon could be substituted). Luckily, we had just received some homemade pancetta right before making this recipe! Chop.

4. Soften butter (I pulled it out of the fridge before starting and it was perfectly softened).

5. Add all ingredients in large mixing dish (including grated ginger, lemon zest, & lemon juice, turmeric, cumin & salts).

6. Mix with emulsion blender.

7. Put in pan and chill for 24hrs. Then enjoy!

If you don’t want to make your own, you can have it de-LIVER-ed! D’Artagnan has a great selection—oh! and they care about their animals, work with small farms, and are committed to quality. You can check out their selection here:

*See site disclaimer below.

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